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A Notebook of Love: What It’s Like to Love Someone with Mental Health Disorders?

Love exists in all forms globally, and loving someone can be a beautiful thing. People fall in love all the time, and most of these people decide to spend a lifetime together. When you see the spark from a relationship dim and fizzle out, all you want to do is offer some help. There may be several reasons why a couple might drift apart.

Every relationship has ups and downs, but what gets difficult the most is trying to love someone who doesn’t love themselves. Partners will mental health illnesses might need more assistance, love, and care to feel whole again. While couples must understand and aid each other, most couples get scared of the possibilities and run away from one another.

A Notebook of Love by Luis Trivino is an exemplary story for every couple facing similar issues. The beautiful book on mental health talks extensively about how to love someone that is suffering from a mental disorder. Let’s explore!

Educate Yourself

One of the most crucial things that Luis Trivino talks about in his book is being empathetic towards your partner. You could start educating yourself about their problems to help ease them into the everyday situation. The more you will learn about their struggle, the more you will be able to help them out.


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One great way to help a partner with mental health issues is by giving them the space to communicate and voice their concerns. Now, they may not be able to open up immediately, and that’s where you step in. It is up to you to ensure that your partner feels comfortable talking to you about their problems and reservations.

Accept the Illness, Love The Person

Luis Trivino dedicates an entire chapter to the importance of loving someone despite their illness. He talks about how he could accept his wife’s PTSD and other mental health drawbacks yet still learn to love the little things about her.

A Notebook of Love is an exemplary compilation of real-life experiences that Luis Trivino and his wife shared as a couple over their years together. It is a book on mental health, alcohol addiction, and Trivino’s life as a US Army War Veteran. Learn more about relationships, love, and resilience by grabbing a copy of the book for yourself today!

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